Thank you for taking the time to read everyone! I've got some fantasy short stories cooking in my workshop too if you're interested in that. I've been enjoying the sci-fi lately, as it's a pleasant departure from my fantasy saga.

A cautionary tale about what is and is not important

There are many peculiar jobs in the solar system, but in my humble opinion none are quite as strange as mine on Jupiter’s moon of Ganymede. For starters I’m the sole human operator of Hole-9, which is a lift station called a GOLF, short for Ganymede Operations Lifeline Facility. Essentially, it’s a base of operations built over a giant hole in Ganymede’s frozen crust. The giant hole leads down to the saltwater oceans and I maintain the lift for my fellow researchers who work out of a mobile lab down there. There are eighteen such holes with GOLF stations and…

Thank you for taking the time to read my work everyone. I am very grateful. I look forward to publishing more original fiction content. It's hard to tell if readers prefer longer or shorter pieces, so please let me know your opinion and if there are prompts/topics you'd like me to explore (although I can't necessarily promise I'll write about it). Topics: Sci-Fi Fantasy, Outer Space, Short Story, Flash Fiction, Asteroids

A short story about the meaning of life.

“What do you think the meaning of your life is Charlie?” Anne asked. She had only been here for two weeks and I was already tired of her stupid questions. We’re on an asteroid mining operation in the middle of space, so why would such a question matter to me much less anyone, I thought to myself. “Look, Anne, with all due respect I’m not trying to be your friend here. I’m trying to get you trained up to run this place with whomever my replacement is,” I quickly explained.

Not that too much training was actually necessary for this…

Joshua Emmanuel Isaacson

Aspiring Sci-fi and Fantasy writer. I have a fantasy saga I need to complete and publish. I enjoy writing short stories in the interim.

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